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Spinach Smoothies for Toddlers

    Recently I came across Baby Boy Bakery, a personal (and baking oriented) blog written by a mother who lost her three year old son in May last year, it's a heart-wrenching space detailing Jacqui's journey coming to terms to life without her son. Her pain, struggle, honesty and remarkable positivity whilst she and her husband adjust their lives around their tragic loss falls nothing short of inspiring-- I'd recommend reading through her diary-style text entries and empathising with this incredible woman, as well as attempting her recipes.     In this post from the blog, she shares three toddler-friendly smoothie ideas to try and..  - Read More

Christmas Treat - Peppermint Bark

Merry Christmas! Hopefully by now everyone has gotten their present shopping well and truly done and are needing to focus on what is really important about Christmas -- the food. Christmas is definitely the time to indulge, so here is a classic, simple recipe for Peppermint Bark, a chocolatey treat literally sprinkled in Christmas festiveness. ALL you need is: dark chocolate chips white chocolate chips peppermint essence (or peppermint extract) 12 large candy canes (or 20 small candy canes)  The peppermint essence is not completely necessary for this recipe so depending on you or your kids personal preference you can..  - Read More

Nike Sunray Protect - The Summer Sandal

               Not that this sporadic weather would have you know, but Summer is looming upon us-- which means non-breathable sneakers aren't going to do as much good for our toddlers feet as they did in the wintry months. It can be a  struggle to get some of the smaller one's to even keep their shoes on (let alone get them into them in the first place), and it's hardly ideal for when they're outside playing in the sun.   What's awesome about the Nike Sunray Protect is that it is a closed-in sandal, protecting their little toes..  - Read More

Hidden Veggie Chili- Perfect for Kids

Hidden Veggie Chili Have you got a picky eater at home and stuck for ideas to get your kids to eat more veggies, then this recipe is perfect for you!  This ' Hidden Veggie Chili' is loaded with veggies, protein and incredible taste that will get your kids asking for more. This meal is perfect for post training or for any week night meal. You can even throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker at the start of your day and have it ready to go when everybody gets home for the day. Ingredient:   1 lb. lean ground..  - Read More

Kids Lunch Ideas for Active Kids

Blog: Kids Lunch Ideas for Active Kids   Breakfast and Lunch are just as important as Dinner but how come there is so little emphasis focused on these meals? Whether it is time management or simply because you need some ideas and inspiration, we hope that we can help your little ones enjoy their lunch a little more.   All kids need a nutritious lunch however; our little playmakers need more fuel then your average child. Most Playmaker Kids play multiple sports, play sports during their lunch break, and play sports after school or they are involved in other extra..  - Read More

Halloween Candy Makeover

For the next Halloween recipe in my Treat-a-thon series, I am going to make healthier version of Rolo caramels. Instead of making a traditional caramel, I processed Medjool dates into a caramel with a touch of nut butter. I really had no idea how close I could get the flavour, but I figured it was worth a shot. Well let me tell you, we couldn’t believe how much these taste like Rollo caramels (only better of course because they are homemade). They don’t call dates “nature’s candy” for no reason!   Homemade Roles with just 5 ingredients! Vegan, gluten-free, and..  - Read More

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