Swedish Posture Corrector Flexi

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Swedish Posture Corrector Flexi

IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE – Posture Flexi is a kind reminder that activates your muscles for improved posture. You can wear your Posture brace with a loose fit, as it only tightens when you slouch, encouraging you to straighten up. Why is a good posture important? Your body posture affects body language, mood and results. Good posture increases your wellbeing and decreases stress levels, while you strengthen back and core muscles.

SLIM POSTURE CORRECTOR – Flexi was designed for you. It is comfortable, adjustable and thin so you can wear it under your clothes. No pinching or chaffing.

EASY TO USE – Flexi has a velcro strap that makes it easy to put on, take off, and adjust while wearing it. Flexi gives you a low intensity training while you’re doing other things. It’s comfortable and discrete and can be worn every day during the training session or at the office.

ENHANCE YOUR FRAME – No more slouching or slumping or hunching over your computer. Our Flexi posture brace harness is a kind and gentle reminder to enhance your physique and your appearance.

• With Posture Flexi on, it’s more comfortable to straighten up than to slouch.
• Relieves tension, stress, and stiff shoulders.
• Wear your Posture Flexi over a vest or t-shirt.
• Enhances workplace ergonomics

• Can be washed at 40 °C.

 Do you carry a heavy backpack or hunch over your computer? Do your shoulders and upper back get sore, tight and painful? Are your shoulders beginning to round and slouch? If YES, then you need a posture corrector that supports you throughout your day. One that reminds you to sit or stand-up straight and keep those shoulders up, straight and back.

The Posture Flexi harness is UNIQUE to its competitors with the combination of stretchy and non-elastic material. The combination of material in correct setting gives a great REMINDER function, improving the posture over time and strengthening the posture muscles. Competitors use ONLY stretch material or ONLY non stretchy material. These harnesses give full support to muscles and the ability to lean on them which do NOT improve posture, it actually weakens the posture muscles. 

Posture Flexi v Posture Classic:

Flexi – Velcro adjustment makes it easier to adjust (can adjust on body), the straps are not as rigid

Classic – buckle adjustment means adjustment needs to be completed off-body.  The straps are more rigid so offers a more supportive feel. Straps are slightly wider for comfort