LP Wrist and Thumb Support Brace

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LP Wrist and Thumb Support Brace

Thermal wrist support with metal stay provides partial immobilization of the thumb through the wrist splint. Allows free mobility of fingers. Provides maximum comfort, healing warmth and therapeutic support. For injuries such as: Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Skier's Thumb (UCL injury), De Quervain's Disease and Tenosynovitis. For symptoms including: Pain at base of thumb when pinching/grasping, pain in thumb and/or swelling after a fall and weak or injured wrist. Sold individually for either left or right hand use.

Wrist Brace Size

Measure the circumference of your wrist.

S 14-16.2 cm

M 16.2-18.7 cm

L 18.7-21.3 cm

XL 21.3-23.8 cm

Wrist Splint Composition

75% Closed cell neoprene foam, 25% Stretch nylon

Wrist Support Washing Instruction

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly.
Air dry at room temperature.
Do not machine wash or dry.
Should a rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your physician.