LP Sacro Lumbar Support Brace

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LP Sacro Lumbar Support Brace

This back brace helps prevent muscular atrophy and relieve lower back pain without restricting normal movement. Four pliable metal stays on the back provide extra stability.  To increase compression, tighten both outside hook and loop closures.  Improves spinal posture through reduction of the lordosis. Also helps HIVD (Herniated Intervertebral Disc), and Muscle strain / sprain.  This LP Back Support is made form the highest grade closed cell neoprene, covered with stretch nylon on both sides for comfort.  Neoprene is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention, and this support retains body heat for constant moist heat to the entire back muscle group.

Lumbar Support Sizing

Measure around the waist

S - 62.2-80cm

M - 80-89.5cm

L - 89.5-99.7cm

XL - 99.7-109.9cm

 Back Brace Washing Instruction

  • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Air dry at room temperature.
  • Do not machine wash or dry.
  • Should a rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your physician.