LP X-Tremus Ankle Brace Support 1.0

LP X-Tremus Ankle Brace Support 1.0

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LP X-Tremus Ankle Brace Support 1.0

This Ankle Brace includes Stable Contoured Structure which provides maximum stability to help prevent ankle sprain. J-shape silicone ankle pad around heel cord gently massages to reduce ankle pain and swelling. Plantar Magic Power Band preserves energy consumption when dorsi flexed, and enhances sports explosive motion while plantar flexing. Durable Fitting Knit with high permeability fabric ensures durability and breathability.  Helps with symptoms and injuries such as: Ankle Arthritis, Ankle pain and/or stiffness with weight bearing, Sprained ankle, and Ankle joint injury.

Ankle Brace Sizing

Measure circumference just above ankle bone

S  20.5-22 cm

M  22-23.5 cm

L  23.5-25cm

XL  25-26.5cm

XXL  26.5-28 cm

Ankle Support Brace Product Composition

65% Nylon, 15% Spandex, 10% Silicone, 5% Cotton, 5% TPU 

Ankle Support Washing Instruction

  • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. 
  • Air dry away from sunlight and heat.
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean