LP Kinetic Maxtaping Strapping Tape A+ (Pre-Cut)

LP Kinetic Maxtaping Strapping Tape A+ (Pre-Cut)

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LP Kinetic Maxtaping Strapping Tape A+ (Pre-Cut)

Following an injury, proper application of MAXTAPING A+ Kinetic strapping tape, in its unique 4-Arc pattern, can create an opposite shearing force to slowly, deeply massage damaged/stiff muscles and adjacent soft tissues to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow, It helps support weak tissues and joints, to reduce pain. The single piece pre-cut design allows athletes to quickly apply MAXTAPING A+ and provide immediate protection. MAXTAPING A+ offers long lasting protection and dynamic support to joints during motions, even when the joints are repeatedly bending and stretching

Strapping Tape Size

S 14x5 cm (10 Sheets/Pack)

M 18x5 cm (10 Sheets/Pack)

L 22x5 cm (10 Sheets/Pack)

Should rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your physician