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Nike Sunray Protect - The Summer Sandal

          Not that this sporadic weather would have you know, but Summer is looming upon us-- which means non-breathable sneakers aren't going to do as much good for our toddlers feet as they did in the wintry months. It can be a  struggle to get some of the smaller one's to even keep their shoes on (let alone get them into them in the first place), and it's hardly ideal for when they're outside playing in the sun. 

 What's awesome about the Nike Sunray Protect is that it is a closed-in sandal, protecting their little toes whilst they go about their play. It's a superior alternative to jandals - the go-to summer shoe - which may be great for slipping on at the beach but offers very little in the way of support and comfort.  The sandal is made out of stretchable Lycra spandex, allowing feet to move naturally, is supported with lightweight cushioning for comfort, and has a non-marking moulded rubber outsole for excellent traction when playing outdoors. And, as an added bonus, they look cool!  

Living with a three year old myself, I am well versed in the difficulties of getting a child to sit still long enough for you to put their shoes on. Thankfully, the sandals get on easily with a moveable velcro strap and fit snug enough that they can't shake them off. If they're old enough they can even put them on themselves, saving you the extra morning rush hassle.  

If you want a shoe that will last your little ones throughout the entirety of the Summer, you can shop the Nike Sunray Protect in either of our stores (Mt Eden or Grey Lynn) or on our website.  





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